How to get free accommodation while traveling

When describing my travel plans, so many people ask the reasonable question–how do you afford this? Three months, eight countries, fifteen cities. There are many things I can (and will) teach you about… Continue reading

Breaking Bread in Beyoğlu

My throat burned as I walked up the steep hill. My cough echoed off the calm cobblestone street, and I looked around me for some rancid trash or a nearby chimney as the culprit. I couldn’t distinguish… Continue reading

The Lake Koman Ferry: Albania’s hidden treasure

When I woke up in the morning I could hear the rain hitting the windows, slapping the face of my plans for the day. I left the dorm room and walked through the… Continue reading

Protests in Tirana

I had just checked into my hostel in Tirana when I heard shouting from the streets. Never one to turn down a protest, I grabbed my camera and went outside to follow the… Continue reading

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

I usually go into a panic the night before I leave for a big trip. My first summer in Europe and again when I moved to Spain, I was beaming with confidence until… Continue reading

The road to Albania: Ohrid to Berat and the oddities between

Sometimes you can find bus schedules on websites, with English versions offering timetables and prices. In most of Western Europe you can buy a neatly printed train ticket from a modern machine. In… Continue reading

Top five things to do in Istanbul

I am in love with Istanbul. There, I said it. I know that I should not be biased toward or against certain cities, opening my mind to appreciate them all for their individual… Continue reading

 Sagrada Stroll

Today was my favorite day in Barcelona so far. I spent it alone, walking around my neighborhood or barrio, which just so happens to be near my favorite building in Barcelona, La Sagrdada… Continue reading

Get Lost on La Rambla

So far in my Barcelona life, it seems that Saturdays are for adventures. Last week I spent the day alone exploring my neighborhood, or barrio, taking in the breathtaking Hospital de San Pau… Continue reading

Egyptian Obama Dollars

On the morning we arrived in Egypt I had woken up early to meditate on the top deck, and as the sun broke from below the horizon it illuminated the city of Alexandria.… Continue reading

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